Recent and Forthcoming Courses & Workshops 

English 2180: Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction, Webster University
English 3300: Twentieth-Century Poetics, Webster University
English 1030: Introduction to Literature, Webster University
English 3030: Topics in Poetry: Hybrid Forms, Webster University
English 2086: US Literature of Diversity, Webster University
English 2150: Creative Writing: Poetry, Webster University
English 3055: Creative Writing from Real Life, The University of Cincinnati
English 3049: Creative Writing and Social Change, The University of Cincinnati
English 2017: Introduction to Poetry, The University of Cincinnati
English 2010: Introduction to Prose & Poetry: Hybrid Forms, The University of Cincinnati
English 1001: English Composition, The University of Cincinnati
English 91: Creative Nonfiction, Stanford University
English 92: Reading and Writing Poetry, Stanford University
CNF 44: An Introduction to Creative Writing, Stanford University, Continuation Education
CNF 54: Writing the Personal Essay, Stanford University Continuing Education
CNF 53W: An Introduction to Creative Writing (Online Writer’s Studio)
POET 16: The Making of a Poem, Stanford University
POET 19W: Writing Poetry: Shaping Language and Sound, Stanford Online Writer’s Workshop
CNF 45: Writing True: An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction, Stanford University
POET 22: Writing Poetry: From Feeling to Form, Stanford University
English 60/160: Poetry and Poetics, Teaching Assistant to Eavan Boland, Stanford University
Levinthal Tutorials in Poetry and Non-Fiction, Stanford University
Eng 306: Contemporary Poetry, Adelphi University