Mar 31, 2010


Today I received Anne Carson’s latest book “Nox” almost two months earlier than I expected to. What a great surprise. The book is one of the most strange and beautifully constructed books I’ve ever seen. I haven’t actually read it yet, just ogled over the pages and designs, but she never disappoints me. This is what it looks like:

In other news one of my poems was accepted into The Brooklyn Review. It was one of the nicest acceptance letters I’ve gotten. (It was addressed to “Dearest Kimberly”). I’m really excited for two reasons: it’s my first print publication and it’s a poem I wrote well after I graduated from my MFA program. It was never workshopped, never revised, and only one person read it before I submitted it out. It is one of my favorite poems I’ve written thus far and I’m excited to share it with The Brooklyn Review and the world.